Document Security Solutions

We delivers innovation that can't be copied protecting personal identification, vital documents, and critical information from unauthorized or illegal scanning, copying, and digital imaging.

We also provide customized document protection solutions for companies and governments around the world. Some of the technologies used are as follows:

AuthentiGuard® Pantograph 4000™

Can be printed in almost any color, making it easy to incorporate the best anti-counterfeiting technology into your existing packaging and design layouts. And unlike other pantograph technologies currently on the market, AuthentiGuard Pantograph 4000 is designed to defeat even the most sophisticated copiers and digital scanners, making unauthorized duplication nearly impossible and fast verification simple. Because AuthentiGuard Pantograph is the only void pantograph technology proven effective on most desktop scanners as well as most black & white and color copiers, it should be considered the foundation of industrial and security technologies designed to expose unauthorized and fraudulent copies.

AuthentiGuard® Phantom™

Provides overt protection for fast, confident authentication that can’t be mimicked. Using “tilt-to-revel” hidden images or words, Phantom allows everyone – from the manufacturer to the consumer – to verify the product’s authenticity. Simple to use, Phantom cannot be reproduced by scanners or digital copiers. Unlike stickers and post-production holograms, Phantom images and messages are embedded during package production making them virtually tamperproof. Phantom images can be used as an added graphic element to enhance packaging, and because the images are not visible when viewed straight on, they do not interfere with the art or design – making Phantom an ideal authentication option.

AuthentiGuard® Prism™

Provides an effective, low-cost method to authenticate licenses, tickets and other secure documents. The covert Prism feature – integrated into the background design – is embedded into a document and is invisible to the naked eye. Hidden words, logos and images – customizable to meet your needs – are revealed when viewed using The Authenticator. And, AuthentiGuard Prism technology cannot be reproduced, defeating even the most sophisticated scanners or digital copiers. With unique and non-reproducible anti-counterfeiting technology and an authentication process that’s fast, easy and cost-effective, AuthentiGuard Prism can add industry leading security to any document.

AuthentiGuard® VeriGlow™

Utilizes specially formulated light-sensitive inks and embedded verification marks to create covert images on a printed document. These images are only visible when viewed with The Authenticator under a special light source. This dual technology security has made AuthentiGuard VeriGlow the choice of governments around the world to protect their currencies and most important security credentials. Invisible without the verification technology, AuthentiGuard VeriGlow can be used anywhere on the document to ensure authenticity. And to help guarantee an unsurpassed level of protection, The Authenticator can be customized.