Company Profile

Pure Access IT Ltd is a multi-disciplined information technology integrator that offers IT solutions, training as well as expert implementation of the best technologies for website architecture and design, data access, transactions, Internet Service provision and information security. We work with leading companies to deliver to government and businesses at the highest level of technology, integration, and services.

Pure Access is also engaged in the provision of software outsourcing services. We provide Product Engineering Services (PES), Technical Consulting Services (TCS), Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and others. Our services are applied in the design development, testing and technology support of software production. We solve complex business/government challenges brought about by changing technology.

We help our clients/government realize their full potential, make the most of their opportunities, and overcome difficult business/organization situations.

At Pure Access we provide professional consulting services covering many typical Technology issues as well as uncommon technology and computer based systems. Today hundreds of small and medium sized businesses including Government rely on the superior technical expertise of the Pure Access Team to support their Systems, network infrastructures, and to provide the necessary support to keep their businesses running.


Pure Access IT LTD was founded 2007 by three IT professionals. The purpose was to create a new kind of IT consulting firm. The founders believe in three key principles, which became the underlying values for the new firm;

  • All clients are important, each client, small or large deserves the same degree personal attention, professional services and ethical treatment.
  • Technical expertise is not enough, the consultant also must understand the client’s business, act as a partner and share responsibility for bottom-line results.
  • In the end, if the client is not completely satisfied, the assignment is not success. In addition to satisfaction with the quality of our work, the client must feel that our fees are fair reasonable, and competitive.